The Occupational Safety and Health

The Occupational safety and health is the science concerned with preserving human safety and health, by providing safe work environments free from the causes of accidents, injuries or occupational diseases, or in other words: a set of procedures, rules and regulations within a legislative framework aimed at preserving the human being from the risk of injury and preservation On the property from the risk of damage and loss. The Occupational safety and health are involved in all areas of life, when we deal with electricity or household electrical appliances, it is indispensable to follow safety rules and principles, and when driving cars or even walking on the streets, we need to follow safety rules and principles, and it is evident that inside factories and various workplaces and facilities We need educational safety rules, but we can say that even when taking medicines for treatment or eating food for the growth of our bodies, we need to follow safety rules.

General objectives that occupational safety and health seek to achieve:

1- Protecting the human element from injuries resulting from the hazards of the work environment, by preventing them from being exposed to accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.
2- Preserving the components of the physical component represented in the installations and the devices and equipment they contain from
damage and loss as a result of accidents.
3- Providing and implementing all occupational safety and health requirements that guarantee the provision of a safe environment that achieves protection from risks for the human and physical elements.
4- Occupational safety and health as a scientific approach aims to establish safety and reassurance in the hearts of workers while they carry out their work and reduce the anxiety and panic attacks they experience as they coexist by virtue of the necessities of life with tools, materials and machines in which there is a danger that threatens their lives and under insecure conditions that expose their lives from time to time to dangers Fatal.

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, the following elements must be available:

1- Proper and purposeful technical planning of the foundations of prevention in facilities.
2- Legislation stemming from the need to implement this technical planning.
3- Implementation based on sound scientific foundations during construction operations with the provision of specialized technical devices to ensure the continued implementation of occupational safety and health services.

Syrian Gas Company believes that preserving your life is the greatest work you may do so you have to take care of it

Occupational safety is defined as the physical health of a worker while he is in the work environment. Occupational safety is the responsibility of every individual in his workplace and is linked to his relationship with those around him, including people, machines, tools, materials, methods of operation, etc., and it is not less than the importance of production, its quality and the costs related to it. Safety has become regulations and laws that workers must know and management must implement and not allow workers to transgress them.

The company's tasks in the field of occupational health and safety

1- Ensure that the basis for carrying out the work is appropriate to discover, assess and manage potential health, safety and environmental risks.
2- Updating work implementation methods to comply with local laws related to the type of work.
3- Defining health and safety goals and environmental protection and planning to implement these goals.
4- Update methods of managing emergency situations, based on previous experiences and scientific development.
5- Laying down foundations for investigating accidents to reach the real causes of their occurrence and to ensure that they are avoided in the future.
6- Laying down foundations for communicating with workers and preparing and implementing training programs on health, safety and environmental protection laws, including the results that we gain as a result of ignoring these laws.