Our Vision

To be summrising in the fact that the Syrian Gas Company is one of the leading companies nationally "in investing the gas wealth and parallels its global counterparts through the application of best international practices in the field of gas industries and the development and upgrading of the efficiency and skills of the national staff in order to exploit all quantities of gas produced with economic feasibility and prevent the disbursement of any quantity of it.

The services of SGC

First - Clean gas: Securing and transporting clean gas treated in gas plants to the Ministry of Electricity (General Organization for Electric Power Generation), the Ministry of Industry (Adra cement plant - nitrogenous fertilizer plant) and the Ministry of Oil (Homs Refinery - Electricity generation turbines of the Syrian petroleum company in Swedish).
Second - Domestic gas: Domestic gas is produced in the gas plants of the company and exported to the Syrian Company for storing and distributing petroleum products (fuel) .
Third - Condensate: C5 + hydrocarbon condensate are produced and exported to refineries.
Fourth - Sulfur: Sulfur is produced from Al-Gypsum and Al-Sewedyah factories and exported to consumers .
Clean gas transportation: Clean gas is transported and distributed from all gas processing plants in the country to consumers through the company's national gas transportation network.