The products of SGC

First - Clean Gas: providing and transporting clean gas treated in gas plants to the Ministry of Electricity (General Organization for Electric Power Generation), the Ministry of Industry (Adra cement plant - nitrogenous fertilizer plant) and the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources (Homs Refinery - Electricity generation turbines of the Syrian petroleum company in Swedish).
Second - LPG Gas: LPG gas is produced in the gas plants of the company and delivered to the Syrian company for storing and distributing petroleum products Mahrukat .
Third - Condensates: C5 + condensate are produced and delivered to the refineries.
Fourth - Sulfur: Sulfur is produced from Al-Jbissa and Al-Sewedyah factories and delivered to consumers .
Clean gas transportation: The clean gas is received from the operating companies and transported within the lines of the Syrian Gas Company and delivered to consumers.