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It is my pleasure to present this site, which reflects the company's overall activities of gathering and processing gas, and transporting it to consumers . I hope you will be provided with the required information about our company and its activity.

The role played by gas in the global energy balance in general and in the local market in particular has become apparent. The dependence on natural gas has been growing at a great rate over the past years. It is noticeable the gas contribution in the balance of energy has increased more than the other types of energy and entered the arena of competition with them because of its excellent thermal and environmental specifications.

Establishment of the company:
In line with the increasing interest in the gas wealth and the need to find a competent national authority with the expertise required to invest it optimally, Syrian Gas Company was established by Decree No. 50 of 2003 as a company with financial and administrative independence.

Company functions:
To exploit and develop the gas resources discovered in the country and optimize the operation of the existing facilities. It is the operator of gathering, processing and transporting natural gas systems. It gathers the raw gas (natural gas and associated gas) produced from the productive sites belonging to the other companies through a large network of gathering systems and compressors' stations to the processing plants. Gas is handled through sweetening, dehydrating and refrigerating to extract liquids and produce condensates and LPG gas. The remaining sweet gas - the majority of which is methane -is pumped into the gas transport network for delivery to consumers throughout the country.

Current Company Facilities:
Five gas plants:

- The gas processing plant in Deir Ezzor and its affiliated stations.
- The gas treatment plant in Al-Jebsa and its related stations.
- The gas processing plant in Hasaka and its affiliated stations.
- The gas processing plant in the south of the middle area and its associated stations.
- The gas processing plant in the north of the middle area and its related stations.
- In addition to gas processing plants in the middle area and north of Damascus.

- A wide network of clean gas transmission lines exceeding 2,500 km in various diameters.
- A large network of gas collecting systems, a wide range of gathering stations and pressure stations exceeding 2,200 km.
- The National Gas Coordination Center to optimally manage and operate the gas transmission network.
The company implements many projects in gas investment and works to maintain and increase products in coordination with the Syrian Petroleum Company according to the areas and activities of drilling.
Cooperation with neighboring countries is also being pursued through the Arab Gas Pipeline, where the implementation of the first part of the third phase in Syria from the Jordanian border to Homs with a length of 320 km has been completed and the import of Egyptian gas has been started from July 2008, as well as the start of the Egyptian gas transportation to Lebanon The extension of the Syrian network to the Turkish border in Kilis has also been completed, which will allow in the future the possibility of importing or exporting gas to and from the country through the Turkish network.
In the Syrian Gas Company, we adopt a policy of not burning any quantity of gas whose investment is economically feasible, and we work to invest the entire quantities of gas produced in the country according to the highest local and international specifications and standards.
Distributing gas and products to consumers in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Qualification and training:
The highest proriety of The company is developing of its cadres through training courses internally and externally in various fields . Therefore a specialized training center for the company has been set up ; each year it graduates approximately 100 trainees.

Our Principles :
. Implementing the highest levels of work performance and taking into consideration safety, and environment conditions in all activities and facilities of the company.
• Respect the others opinions and accept new ideas and views.
• Commitment to serve the Syrian Arab Republic and its leadership.

We will ensure the continuation of the company's progress to enhance Gas Industry , to achieve its goals with high efficiency and to maintain the quality of its products in conformity with international standards, taking into account the conditions of environmental and occupational safety.I hope that this site will get your satisfaction and admiration as it offers you the correct and reliable information .

best regards

General Director

Eng. Amin Aldagree